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Speed Controls for DC Permanent Magnet Brush type Motors:

RDFR Series
R/C Dual Forward/Reverse
Performs speed, direction and steering functions for vehicles powered by two independent electric motors employed as a right drive and a left drive from only two R/C channels. Professional or Competitive Robot Locomotion,  Twin Screw Boats. Over 5 models, price ranges from $223 to $800

RSFR series
R/C Single Forward/Reverse  Professional or Competitive  Heavy Duty Single Speed Control.  1.7X current capacity of Dual models in same package.  Over 3 models, price ranges from $320 to $800.
R/C Forward/Reverse medium duty professional applications, based on RET control family.

RET Series
R/C Reversing Electronic Throttle series hobby R/C Models, particularly model boats, also video camera pan & Tilt. Six  models ranging from $74.95 to $174.95

RSPM Series
Motor & throttle small  'bot or hobby prop & wench motor & F/R proportional control.  Same size as ball bearing S3001 servo.

CDFR Series
Computer input Dual For/Revlike a RDFR speed control, but commanded by an 8 bit parallel  interface, perfect for embedded projects.
Radio/Control Sets & Extra Channel Systems:

KH Series
Hobby or Pro 72MHz Air or 75MHz Surface frequency, robots, detailed boats. Based on Futaba PCM radio.

Futaba FP-9CAP 9 Channel Hobby R/C
Retuned legally to 75MHz Surface Freq's

KIK29, KIK44 Kommander Industrial KeyKoder 29/44 ch R/C
Professional tele-operated robots
Servos and Servo Components:

RBSB BabyBully Servo Amplifier
Low cost, yet powerful servo amplifier for DC PM motors to fabricate your own position servos. You supply the motor and 5K feedback pot. Discrete MOSFET H-bridge. 7-26 VDC 25mA quiescent current 15A average motor current 5 second 30A surge. Plugs into your R/C like any other servo, 1-2 ms, optically isolated. Limit switch inputs included.

RBSA R/C Bully Servo Amplifier
The electronics package to build your own very high power servo from your mechanics

SSPS105 R/C Servo
Complete 27 Ft/Lb torque Servo for professional applications. A VERY overgrown fist sized metal cased airplane Servo.

SSPS050 R/C Servo
Complete 600 oz/in torque metal cased Servo

S3001 Futaba Standard Servo
Hobby Grade Ball Bearing
Interface Items:

Converts 2-3 Volt analog from your typical joystick into 1-2 ms R/C type Servo Command Pulses. Converts 4 channels independently. Drive R/C Servos directly without radio.

JOYT Throttle Joystick
"Pulls" from Futaba radios, One ratchet axis, one spring centered axis.

JOYS Aieleron Joystick
"Pulls" from Futaba radios, 2 axis both spring centered.
AFPWR16 Power Audio Amp
16 watt audio amplifier inside Motorola Handie Talkie for remote PA
 OSD On Screen Display
On screen display of robot battery voltages, other parameters, 4-8 camera switcher & Quad commanded from KIK29 Radio.

Note: Our products are not safety devices nor for use in life-critical or life support systems. Specifications and price subject to change without notice. Patented. Some trade names, trademarks & content owned by others.

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