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Lots of neat pix, worth allowing time to load.

Westinghouse Experimental Military robot using Vantec speed controls and radio system.More Robot Testimonials


Bertocchinni - BIOHAZARD.  The winningest Battlebot ever, with RDFR controllers! A very early picture.

More Competitive Robot Testimonials

Kevin Berry - Team Legend. Chupacabra.  Got a nicely discounted controller for showing off the Vantec sticker.

More RDFR's

Peter Thain's kids did great  (1st place in 2003) in the M.A.T.E. submersibe competition.  No leaks.  Yes, these bright Canadian's are pre-high school.  Used Vantec RDFR23's, RET's and a Futaba Radio we set up for tethered coaxial operation.

More Submersible Testimonials

T. Weaver.  Shows some of the valves controlled by extra channels added to Futaba PCM radio with the Vantec KH816 Keykoder

More RDFR's
Takayuki Kotake - Japan.  Climbing power.More Model Tank Testimonials

Emmy winning special EFX or "War and Rememberance".  25 ft submarine.  Simon Smith et al. Vantec control system including booster amplifier in foreground.More Special Effects and Creatures Testimonials

R. Nielson, WA. Won many award. Uses VANTEC KeyKoder to animate "everything"!More Model Boat Testimonials


Terry Coss - Newburg High School, OR.  They have been takling a new robot project every couple of years and winning educational fares.  R/C designs have used Vantec Keykoder radio and RDFR speed controls.

More Neat Project Testimonials

One of the many garage hobby R2D2. Old Vantec DFRM controls.

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