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There are numerous DC permanent motor controllers available for motors ranging from 3 to 30 volts for the Radio Control Hobby industry. These controllers use a command of a 1-2 ms positive Servo Command Pulse which is repeated every 20 ms., approximately.

One major class of R/C controllers is designed for R/C cars employing 7.2 VDC Nicad battery packs. These model cars are driven for short periods in highly competitive races. If there's a reverse, it's usually not proportional; after all you can't win going backwards! Because winning is so important some manufacturers or importers of controllers for the R/C car market feverishly out-advertise each other with outlandish claims, usually s-t-r-e-t-c-h-ing the ampere capacity of their controller by an order of magnitude. Hundreds of amps is not an uncommon claim. The connecting wire alone will not handle many of the current claims.

"Continuous" current rating to these manufactures means the duration of a 3 minute race.  MOSFETransistors are the devices that carry the amperes of currents. Sometimes claims are tied to the MOSFET peak ratings which apply to microsecond surges and not practical motor start up surge times. Or claims from MOSTFET ratings that are maxed out under ideal gate drive, perfect multiple MOSFET paralleling, or heat sink conditions not realized in the R/C car controller design.  Often there is no means for heatsinking. The low on resistance of the MOSFETs is predicated upon keeping them cool; they have a positive temperature coefficient.  Ohms law tells us if the MOSFETs increase resistance their voltage drop increases and volts-dropped times amperes of current means more heat yet, a vicious cycle.

VANTEC manufacturers controllers in the U.S.A that accept the 1-2 ms positive Servo Command Pulse, but that is where the simularity ends.  All of our controllers provide a mount for the MOSFETransistors which is electrically insulated but thermally conductive to our aluminum chassis,  plate or heatsink. The electrically neutral chassis or plate  can then be bolted to any additional heat conducting and radiating structure, like your aluminum mounting bracket or your robot metal frame, or a commercial heat sink with an aspect ratio that suits your vehicle.  Our premium products use thick machined aluminum extrusions to provide superior thermal conductivity.

VANTEC Continuous current ratings represent the amount of current that the controller can safely conduct at 100% duty cycle for  hours with a near infinite heat sink.    Amps as American as Apple Pie!  Duty cycles between 10-99% slightly reduce the amount of current safely conducted because switching losses add heat.  Starting Surge current ratings are the amount of current safely conducted for 5 seconds.  For dual controllers these ratings are for one controller at a time operating.

Todays trend in R/C model car controllers is "hi-rate" switching. To an engineer versed in todays Pulse Width Modulated switch technology this means 200 KHz plus rates. To R/C model car controllers this means 1500-6000 Hz which is VERY audible; the motor laminations sing!

VANTEC controllers offer a selection of PWM chop rates from an almost sub-audible 170 HZ and 338 Hz, to a super-sonic 21 KHz. Some of our controllers have jumper selectable PWM chop rates so you can choose what's best for your application.  The 21 KHz yields very smooth operation but with caveats; increased heat knocks 30% off the current ratings and the faster rate generates more Radio Frequency Interference which can be a problem in a Radio Controlled environment.  Taming RFI problems can be done but it requires  more rigorous application engineering and additional fabrication expense.  The sub-audible rates provide reasonabley smooth operation and usually are sonically quiet enough.

Note: Our products are not safety devices nor for use in life-critical or life support systems. Specifications and price subject to change without notice. Patented. Some trade names, trademarks & content owned by others.

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