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Model Boat Testimonials

R. Nielson, WA. Won many award. Uses VANTEC KeyKoder to animate "everything"!

Frank Chietro - Balao Class WWII sub.  Nearly 10 feet long with 19 inch beam. Dual controller for manueverability.

C. Dobson - The 12 foot long Alexandria. Used predessor to RFR825.

Tom Stevens.  16 channels of Keykoder detailed functions.  Beautiful boat.. 

Captians Models - Example of custom builder Bob Kyle's work. Uses RET411P one after another.

Bob Obrien.  Detail detail.

The Linda-Ann.   Scratch built Tug. RET speed  control.

D.Brooks at Gull lake MN with 7 footer.  Tows full size loaded row boat.

Robert Eastwood - Note the triple screws

Robert Eastwood - West Grove, PA

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