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Competitive Robot Testimonials
Jason Bardis - The infamous Battlebot  Dr. Inferno

John Sylvester, UK Robot Wars

Brull - Prometheous.  Note blue RDFR along left edge of picture.

Bertocchinni - BIOHAZARD.  The winningest Battlebot ever, with RDFR controllers! A very early picture.

Alan Gribble - PussyKats.  Very successful UK Robot Wars.

Alan Gribble's PussyKat against the Razor in the UK R.W.

Lisa Winters - Tentomushi.  Used undersized RDFR with incredible effectiveness.  Motor gearing was right!

Brady Davis - Team XS and Steel Reign

"Let's call Vantec about the warranty"

D.D- Team D  "Our killer 55 lb. robot with a ... RDFR36E heart swept like a tornado through the BotBash 2000... and came in class"

Gregory Yabkowski - Team Mad Cow. Check out the blue RDFR mid-pix.

Jim Smentowski - Hercules.  Better name Hurt-cules!

Kevin Berry - Team Legend. Chupacabra.  Got a nicely discounted controller for showing off the Vantec sticker.

Lindsey - Chew Toy

D.D  "NO problems with our two 36E controllers! ...won three fights in the superheavies (using) 10 1/2hp drill motors."

Robert Pitzer   - Alpha Raptor.  " performed awesome and so did it's RDFR33 even though.. thrown... by the BattleBox saws."

Tony Buchignani - Wedge of Doom

Mike Regan - Vicious.   Vantec's Tony did special 170 mi delivery to Mike.  Thanks Tony.

Stephen Felk - early under construction pix

Scott Ferguson - HexaDecimator.

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