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Radio Control Baby Bully Servo Amplifier

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  • 7 - 26 VDC OPERATION



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The BabyBully is a small, low cost, yet powerful servo amplifier for DC permanent magnet brushed motors for fabricating your own position servos. You supply the motor and feedback potentiometer, and the BabyBully supplies the control functions, including the digital PWM power H-bridge to directly drive your motor. The H-bridge is constructed from rugged discrete MOSFETs thermally mounted to a metal thermal plate or heatsink. It is commanded by the popular 1-2 ms Servo Command Pulse from standard Radio/Control receivers such as Futaba, JR, HiTec, and Spektrum. The command is optically isolated to eliminate ground loops and plugs into your R/C receiver like any other servo. For the RBSB421P plate mounted version they are a compact 1.8 X 1.97 X .82" and weight about 2.5 ounces. The RBSB421H heatsink version is slightly larger and heavier.

To keep costs low, adjustments and lag/lead compensation are limited and the feedback potentiometer must be 5000 ohms, electro-mechanically centered with your servo center and the travel range is fixed. Failsafe in the absence of a command pulse results in the servo motor de-powered. Servo applications requiring extensive programmable tuning adjustments, additional failsafe features and high linearity should use our RBSC series.

A typical installation requires no special attention for cooling; simply mount the unit so that the aluminum plate or heatsink is exposed to the air. Larger applications at the controller's maximum ratings may require moderate cooling air and/or the "P" plate version may require mounting by the aluminum plate to additional heat dissipating metal surfaces. The case is electrically isolated so you can safely mount the plate to your vehicle.

The BabyBully is powered by 12V DC though the unit will operate over 7 to 26 VDC. The BabyBully can control motors up to 15A average running current and 5 second 30A starting surges for starting or high transient servo loads. With a centered mechanical load the quiescent current drain is about 25mA.

Over the 1 - 2 ms Servo Command Pulse range a 310 degree travel feedback pot will traverse about +/- 45 degrees. The feedback pot connects via a 5 pin standard 0.1" pitch header.

Limit switch inputs are provided on a separate 3 pin standard 0.1" pitch header. Close the switch contacts to limit.

WARRANTY & REPAIR: Our one year limited warranty covers parts and repair labor for a nominal charge for units not abused, tampered with, or immersed. Details available on our Warranty page.
Note: Our products are not safety devices nor for use in life-critical or life support systems. Specifications and price subject to change without notice. Patented. Some trade names, trademarks & content owned by others.

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