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JUMPERS for the RDFR3n t o RDFR63E for the NON MIXED operation

Please notice that the response curves for the NON-MIXED operation MUST be programmed.  Leaving the relevant jumpers off  in the NON-MIXED mode results in indeterminate response curves.  The "NON-MIXED" portion of the chart refers to "select curve from above".  Use the "STEERING INPUT CURVES" in "MIXED MODES-Separate Curves" for Motor #1 input S,  and the "THROTTLE INPUT CURVES" for Motor #2 input T.   The curve(s) labeled 14 are a good choice.  For robot speed control applications do NOT select a "NONE" Deadband curve like curve 4.

Add J2 to get the NON-MIXED operation and set JP7,8,9 to suit acceleration and braking.  Longer acceleration times are easier on mechanical components and starting currents imposed upon the battery.   For competitive robots do NOT attempt to change the PWM rate, leave JP18 in place for 338 Hz.

Note: Our products are not safety devices nor for use in life-critical or life support systems. Specifications and price subject to change without notice. Patented. Some trade names, trademarks & content owned by others.

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