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Many VANTEC products interface using R/C servo connectors with conventional "1-2 ms" positive Servo Command Pulse signal.  Here's a chart showing connector wiring.  It's handy if you need to change connectors to interface to a different radio.  Some VANTEC products use an optical isolator interface using just 2 wires, one for the Servo Command Pulse and the other for ground.  These two-wire interface products may have the wires reversed without harm, although they must be correct to operate.

We recommend splicing the wires outside the VANTEC product to change a connector.   Match similar  FUNCTIONS.

The Servo Command Pulse widths listed are measured from a Futaba FP-7UAP.  They are positive +3 to 4.6 vdc logic level through protection resistors, and repeat about every 22 ms.

  Futaba J(modern) JR/Hitec AceDeans Futaba G(old AM) Airtronix  
FUNCTION Polarizing Lip
this edge
Beveled corners facing up     FUNCTION
white orange odd white Edge noStripe =ServoCommand
      spaced/groove spaced  
+4.8VDC= red red red red CenterWire = -Ground
-Ground= black brown black black RedStripe = +4.8VDC
  FutJconnector.jpg (1006 bytes) JRconnector.jpg (962 bytes)     AirConnector.jpg (888 bytes)


Extreme @120%ATV with extreme trim

Extreme @100%ATV with centered trim

Center Stick

Extreme @100%ATV with centered Trim

Extreme @120%ATV with extreme trim

0.924 ms

1.116 m s

1.525 ms

1.936 ms

2.122 ms

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